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This privacy statement shall explain in a simple and understandable way to you as a customer how VitalThings AS (hereinafter "VitalThings", "we" or "us") processes your personal information, including the purpose and legal basis for this processing.

We at VitalThings are responsible for the processing of your personal data, which means that we must clearly clarify the purpose and basis for all processing of information we receive through our service.

The privacy statement is regulated in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act and the current rules on the processing of personal data.

Contact information for us for various inquiries about how we process your personal information or for this statement can be found at the bottom of this privacy statement.

What personal information we process and the purpose of this

  • When submitting the form of interest shown to VitalThings, we will process your personal information by storing it and being able to contact you so that you can test Somnofy. In the form, you will have to submit your name and e-mail address, as well as the opportunity to attach your telephone number. The purpose of the processing of this personal data is to be able to enter into and carry out assignments for customers.

  • Once the customer relationship has been established, the specific privacy statement for the Somnofy product will be sent and will be valid.

  • We have newsletters for our services and on that occasion we collect e-mail addresses. The purpose of this is to update those who voluntarily want it about our products, projects and general information.

  • Our website uses cookies to collect analytical information about how the website is used, this is done in order to be able to adapt the website and our services to the users.

On what basis do we process personal data

Personal information we receive when the customer fills out a contact form and which is processed in connection with an assignment we undertake has a legal basis in GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter b) "necessary to fulfill the agreement". The purpose of this is to be able to implement the agreement and deliver a desired product to the individual customer.

On behalf of customers, we can also use information from Facebook through Facebook Insights to be able to offer the customer products that are specially developed for their company. This is based on the treatment basis in GDPR Article 6 No. 1 letter b) "necessary to fulfill the agreement".

Personal information that is processed through cookies when you visit our website is used for statistical purposes so that we can analyze our website and adapt it to the users' behavioral patterns. The use of cookies must be actively accepted by the individual user on our website and is based on the treatment basis consent, cf. GDPR article 6 no. 1 letter a.

For our newsletters, each individual signs up on the website. The processing basis for obtaining personal information for newsletters is based on consent, cf. GDPR art. 6 no. 1 letter a) by each individual customer signing up for our newsletter.

How long do we process your personal data

Your personal information is stored with us for as long as is necessary to achieve the given purpose of the processing based on the duration of the customer relationship.

If there is a legal obligation, the information can be stored longer. For example, in accounting, cf. the Accounting Act § 13.

We store personal information for one year after the last contact with the customer.

Third parties

We use various third parties to carry out our service and share information with them. We use third parties to operate our website, to make updates, to provide technical support and to collect and store personal information.

In particular, Google Analytics, Wix and HubSpot will be VitalThings' third parties.

Information security

Our website is listed with SSL encryption and no data is transmitted unencrypted.

Your rights

7.1 Right to withdraw consent: If the processing is based on a previously given consent to the processing of personal data, you can withdraw this at any time by contacting us.

7.2 Request access: As a customer / user, you have the right to know what information we have stored about you. Such information can be easily obtained from us upon request. To ensure that the personal information is disclosed to the correct person, we can request that the request for access be made in writing, or by other identification of you as a customer.

7.3 Move your data: The right to data portability means that you as a customer can, by a simple request, have your personal information handed over to have it transferred to another party.

7.4 Have information changed or deleted: You can always ask us to correct incorrect information about you, or ask us to delete personal information. As far as possible we will accommodate the request for deletion. If there are compelling reasons, such as consideration for documentation, for not deleting information, this will have to be presented and proven by us.

7.5 Complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority: The appeal body in privacy cases in Norway is the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. We at VitalThings take privacy very seriously, but if you as a user of our services still feel that we have not taken sufficient care of your privacy or have acted in violation of this statement, you have the opportunity to complain to the Data Inspectorate.

Privacy: To exercise your rights, we can be contacted at We are obliged to answer you within a reasonable time and no later than 30 days after inquiry.

Choice of law and venue

Disagreements regarding this privacy statement or how we process your personal information will be resolved through negotiations and by reaching an amicable solution.

If disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, Norwegian law is the applicable law for any lawsuit, the right venue is Trondheim District Court.

Changes to the privacy statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. An updated version of this privacy statement will be available on our website at all times.

In the event of significant changes to the privacy statement, you will be notified.

Contact Us

If you have inquiries or want to exercise your rights, you can contact us at:

Phone: +47 402 05 300


Visiting address: Dybdahls veg 3-5, 7051 Trondheim

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